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AUBIXA Country House

Located at Idotorbe village, in Elgoibar, at a distance of 5,5 kms from Kalegoen Square (Elgoibar Town centre), at a height of 449 meters over sea level.


Marvellous house, of squared base, with a built-up surface of 915 m2, four side roof and three floor building. Walls being of carved Stone, on the main fa├žade, a two-panneled round arch gives access to the main entrance. The arch is made of limestone and zanda door , with outcoming edges.

On the eastern side of the nearby field, in front of the house, a limestone furnace can be visited, well preserved , remembrance of ancient working traditions.


Aubixa inhabitants, were at that time, tenants of the Landlords of Olaso, and the house was so-called Aubixa.

Early signs from Aubia date from year 1538, moreover it can be said that, some years later, undoubtedly, Aubia , as a country house, was forced to pay the landlords of Olaso the obligatory taxes, which consisted of four fanegas (ancient measure) of Wheat, plus a quarter of wheat due to the transport , having to obey direct orders of the landlords of Olaso. With a high degree of certainty, the name of Aubia may be derived from the name Zubia, due to the old way passing by, which linked the three basque provinces.